Membership Fees

Renewals: (April 01st - March 31st)
Annual Dues


New Memberships: (1st year only)
Initiation Fee
Annual Dues


Please download, print and complete the
DIYC application form

Membership Application/Renewal Form

Membership Includes: -DIYC Club Benefits
-DIYC Club Discounts
-DIYC Membership Cards
-DIYC Burgee
-The right to vote and hold office
Payment Process:
Download the Membership Application/Renewal Form
Email the completed form to
Send payment via "e-transfer" to
  The "question/answer" for processing the e-transfer will be updated each year via bulk e-mail to the DIYC membership.
If you are a new member and/or do not have access to the assigned "question/answer", please e-mail for processing.
4 Membership Cards, burgee and access to the "Members Only" section of the website will be mailed out after the application and/or renewal has been received.